Sunday, 16 December 2007

Confessions of an errant blogger...

I know. I am a bad blogger. Never the most prolific even at my creative blogging height, I have now sunk to a new low of, er, none.

Even my husband has forgotten their existence, and my potential readership has fallen to three, depending on the availability of those particular family members.

Father Blogmas most certainly will not be popping down my chimney this year.

However, in my defense, I haven't stopped blogging entirely. I have a burgeoning folder of half-written posts; witty one-liners hanging in mid air; the unfinished baby-related anecdotes and exasperated mental meanderings of a sleep-deprived new(ish) mum.

Not to mention the many partially written posts that have never made it out through my fingers but still circulate in some shady part of my ransacked brain, only to emerge during bouts of insomnia, appearing as the support act to my fear of abandoning Iris to childcare, and a collapsing property market.

Also in my defense, m'lord, I have been sucked into a veritable maelstrom of babydom. Day-shift blurs into night-shift, with a two hour reprieve for housework and 'me' (well, 'tv and wine') time. One step forward soon mutates into five steps back, little islands of 'this isn't so hard', turning into rather larger land masses of 'oh, shit!'.

Excuses made, I bid you a very merry festive season, and hope to be back to my (ahem) prolific best very soon. Mum.


Pig in the Kitchen said...

Ahhh, that's good, you are still around. Iris hasn't beaten you yet then!
Have a lovely Christmas,

New Mum in Town said...

Hello Pig - well not quite, but currently feeling a bit battered and bruised!

Merry Christmas!


Iota said...

Oh I remember those "this isn't so hard" moments. The words "tempting fate" spring (very unoriginally) to mind.

beta mum said...

I'm surprised you have even half a blog post semi-written with a baby around.
I remember the day I managed to do everything at just the right time -seconds before Ben (aged about 6 months) got hungry/tired/bored/hot/cold/grumpy/whatever. He didn't cry once all day.
The reason I remember it is that it never happened again.

New Mum in Town said...

Hi Iota - yes there is never a peak without a trough I'm discovering - although there do seem to be more troughs than peaks...hmmm.

Hello betamum - are you sure that day actually happened and wasn't a figment of your sleep deprivation, haha!

Funny though how it does often feel like everyone else actually does get it right and knows what they're doing while I flounder around scratching my head and looking for the instruction booklet!

Iota said...

No, no, no. They're all floundering, but most won't admit it.