Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Tutti Frutti

Another floret of broccoli my love? Some mashed potato? What, another carrot? Baby giggles and a warm glow of pride as Iris bravely treads into the world of solid food fill my daydream.

A violent retch brings me back to the real world; thank goodness I opted for the plastic cover with my little girl's highchair.

Well this wasn't in the Government's guidelines - I waited until nearly 6 months, I breastfed, I bought Annabel Karmel and some overpriced gourmet ice-cube containers - my daughter however, is following her own set of rules, and unfortunately I can't quite make out what they are. Something about being a fruitarian and wanting to breastfeed forever.

So much for being a good cook - having been cajoled by hubby into a state of slightly smug complacency about my abilities in the kitchen, I was unprepared for the brutal honesty of a baby's unblemished palate.

Steamed vegetables, lovingly moulied - blaaaar, ick, sssppuggh - mixed with a little home-made fruit puree - eeeuuugghhh, retch. Desperation strikes; petit filou? sssplatt. Hipp Organic, Plum? Lick, lick, moment for thought - ssthhhwpp.

Iris has decided that Innocent smoothies are quite nice, yoghurt is ok, but vegetables and cereals are bad bad bad. Bibs make her cry and spoons have this strange effect of making her clench her mouth shut and adopt an owl-like turn of the head.

In my more tired moments, I do wonder whether Iris has inherited an 'am I fat?' gene from me, or has chewed one too many copies of Grazia in the bathroom and is aspiring early to the size zero phenomenon.

In my more sane moments however I am hoping that this is just the first 'phase' (of no doubt many) she will pass through on her way to healthy adulthood.

Right, just off to whisper 'food is good, food is good' to her while she sleeps....


Livvy U. said...

Dear New Mum - hello - and it WILL get better, it will, it will... after myriad fads and changes, of course. And just as you suss out what really makes her tastebuds tick, she'll look at you as if you're mad and never touch it again. None of it matters, except madly, at the time. Sounds like she doesn't much like anything except a smooth texture at the moment, so fair enough, you can work with that!
I remember vividly cursing as I made that A.Karmel butternut squash puree - and the day we (and the walls) tried pea, but come next month and it'll all be a different picture.
Good, good luck.

Pig in the Kitchen said...

I hate books that say, 'your baby will simply love this chickpea and tomato paste', i would nod eagerly and rush to the kitchen to make it. it's all crap! The owl-like turn of the head made me shudder, it's one of the most frustrating things to have your baby refuse to eat... there are no magic answers. Except ketchup and sugar, but really, Annabel would have a fit.

New Mum in Town said...

Hi Livvy u - thanks for your words of encouragement, I'm going to avoid peas and hope for the best!

Hi Pig - Annabel and Gina most certainly won't be using me as a case study. I'm still to cross the veggie mum vs meat-eating baby issue too, ah well, onwards and upwards!